Harry Hotter and Lord Villaindemort

          About author of the blog: Natalia Kuznetsova is a prize - winning director, scriptwriter, cameraman, producer and the only Russian composer who was awarded abroad for film music during the last 10 years. Her debut feature, "Medea", based on the tragedy of Seneca, received the Special Prize of the Cyprus International Film Festival for music score and the Silver Medal of the Park City Film Music Festival.


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About shooting at Grogwarts

         Shooting the film was a great pleasure for us. On our first day we were shooting scenes that had the magical school Grogwarts as a background. The new railway station of Petergof, a suburb of Saint-Petersburg, played role of Grogwarts. It was good sunny weather, which we had ordered in advance (it was raining before, and the next day weather again became bad).

How fanfiction opened J. K. Rowling for me

          It was time when I finished my debut movie “Medea” and received some prizes for it. I was searching for a theme for a new film. By chance I was acquainted with Anna, a very conversable and talented person. I didn’t know that this acquaintanceship would change everything.

         One day, Anna told me that she was a writer and had written some fanfictions. I never heard the word “fanfiction”, and Anna explained that it was stories written to continue a book or movie by its fans. She wrote several parody issues about Harry Potter and other personages of the books of J. K. Rowling. I was interested and Anna gave me her fiction. I read it avidly. Anna was perfect writer; her heroes were like alive, the humour – thin, events –unpredictable and literary language – nice. I was under great impression for two days. On the third day, I decided to make a movie based on her plots. And also I understood that I wanted to read books of Rowling in order to compare it with Anna’s masterpiece. At that moment, I had seen several pictures from Harry Potter’s film series, but I hadn’t read books about this hero. When I began reading Rowling, I couldn’t interrupt - her fairy world charmed me. Reading all seven books improved my decision to make parody movie because I liked the books and films about Harry Potter very much. So the talented writer A. Dark Shine opened another talented writer J. K. Rowling for me, and fanfiction opened the world of Harry Potter.

          Here is one of Anna’s fanfics on which script of our movie "Harry Hotter and Lord Villaindemort" was based.

Psychologist for a Dark Lord