Harry Hotter and Lord Villaindemort

About cast

          All actors took great part in creating of this film. They helped in casting, carried equipment, gave their flats for shooting, created jokes and tricks, worked as lighters, decorators, costumiers, etc. This film would not have been possible without the active help of our cast members.


Harry Hotter – Ruslan Meshchanov

Tom Riddler, aka Lord Villaindemort – Stanislav Nikitin

Minister of Magic Fange – Alexander Anisimov

Germiona Ranger – Veronika Dmitrieva

Lucius Mayfly – Nikita Kuzmin

Severus Steak – Alexander Shpynev

Ron Grizzley – Alexey Frolov

The-Boy-Who-Warned-Everybody - Kouzma Stomachenko

Vermouth Parsley – Stanislav Travin

Cretunia Parsley – Anastasia Klementieva

Myrtle – Varvara Repetskaya

Mary Sue – Alexandra Fedotova

Girls from show of Mary Sue – Daria Gerasimenko

                                                Daria Shkrebka

Girls from Saint - Petersburg – Daria Gerasimenko

                                                 Daria Shkrebka

                                                 Evgenia Sigova

                                                 Maria Mironenko

Songster, performer of song “Amore with Harry” - Maria Mironenko

Seller of shaverma – Alexander Orlov

Tom in childhood – Bogdan Rubanov

Customs official – Nikita Chekanov

Stiven – Alexey Kotin

Secretary of Minister – Nikolay Palachev

The-Boy-For-Beating – Evgeny Gritsenko

Awful faces in subway – Andrey Ershov

                                      Victor Khomichenok

                                      Konstantin Vlasenko

Secret agents of the ministry of magic – Ivan Astafurov

                                                               Anton Kovalenko

                                                               Anna Kordubaylo

Script writer, director, producer, original music, camera, editing, sound, light, dub, 2D and 3D design, special effects etc. – Natalia Kuznetsova

Animator– Yuriy Zverlin

Master of style and make up – Ivan Astafurov

Choreographers – Anna Kazmina

                              Alexandra Fedotova

Costumes were designed and made by – Olga Nikitina

                                                                  Natalia Kuznetsova