Harry Hotter and Lord Villaindemort

         “This movie is wonderful -). One can see it was done a great work. I liked very much how the same actors played difference in age.”
         “My thanks to authors, actors and all who took part in this … witches' sabbath )) … It gave the impression that film was being shot for 2 years because they couldn’t stop laughing during the first 1,5.”
         “The movie is funny and easy for view. I saw it in one breath. It is felt that director put his soul into the movie. Music is nice, actors are merry and charismatic.”

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This is the official site of the first parody movie "Harry Hotter and Lord Villaindemort" based on fanfics devoted to Harry Potter.

Two parody fanfics of A. Dark Shine were used in the scenario. In the movie, you can not only find well known personages as Ron Grizzley, Germiona Ranger, Severus Steak, but also Mary Sue – the favorite of fanfiction critics. Mary Sue is a name given by critics to personage who usually is not presented in the original work. But appeared in a fanfic, he becomes the main figure with outstanding talents and superpower. Usually authors associate themselves with their Mary Sue. Mary Sue are always wonderful and irresistible, everybody falls in love with them at once, including heroes of the original book. Creation of Mary Sue is considered to be bad form and usually is a sin of beginning authors.

 Duration of the film - 100 minutes.

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 All cast members liked the idea of the parody movie - so shooting was a lot of fun for us. You can read about it in the Blog and watch the most laughable moments of the shooting in the movie “The funny moments from shooting of the film “Harry Hotter and Lord Villaindemort”” after one-click registration.If you were already registered, you can go straight to the menu item Video to watch the movie.


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You can watch the trailer (scroll down) and this fragment in order to understand if this film interests you:



Short synopsis

This movie is a parody to Harry Potter film series. Villaindemort unleashed and had to be destroyed! A secret agent of the Ministry of Magic, Harry Hotter,  returns to the past with the help of the Time-Turfouter



About shooting at Grogwarts

Natalia Kuznetsova, author of the film, prize-winning director:

Shootig the film was a great pleasure for us. On our first day we were shooting scenes that had the magical school Grogwarts as a background. The new railway station of Petergof, a suburb of Saint-Petersburg, played role of Grogwarts. It was good sunny weather, which we had ordered in advance (it was raining before, and the next day weather again became bad)... Read more